Fatah begins vote count for revolutionary council after delays_English_Xinhua

11 senior Fatah leaders in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip announced their resignation to protest the results of Fatah internal elections. Among the 18 elected to the 23-member of the Central Committee, only two are from Gaza.

Ahmed Nasser, a member of the higher committee of Fatah in the Gaza Strip, said he and his 10 colleagues resigned because the internal elections were “unfair and unclear.”

Some 400 Fatah members to the party’s congress were prevented by Hamas security forces, which control the Gaza Strip, from traveling to Bethlehem to attend the congress.

Nasser said Fatah’s decision to go ahead with the conference despite the absence of the Gaza-based members “has infringed the Gaza members’ right of voting.”

“There are some people who controlled the movement and abducted it,” Nasser said, refusing to reveal the names of the Fatah officials that he accused. Some of the Fatah delegates in Gaza were able to vote over their cellular phones or via e-mails.

“No one had contacted or called any of Gaza congress members and they were not even given the opportunity to practice their right of voting like their colleagues,” said Abu el-Najja, adding that “some of those who were not able to vote are members of the congress preparatory committee.”

During the congress debates on finding a mechanism for banned Gaza congress members to join the electoral process, it was proposed that Gaza gets one-third share in the central committee and the revolutionary council. However, the proposal was rejected by West Bank members.

via Fatah begins vote count for revolutionary council after delays_English_Xinhua.


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