Gulfnews: Change of guard for Fatah

the election results boosted the position of Abbas and put a stop to the “strong competition” from Qurei for presidency, Nasrallah added.

But at the same time, the results carry certain ramifications, Palestinians analysts believe. The congress, they explained, has considered the problem with Hamas as minor, while enmity with Israel is the main problem.

Some of the new members, including Nabeel Sha’ath, are staunch supporters for a reconciliation with Hamas, Fatah’s rival, which controls the Gaza strip, Al Masri, who is a member of a government committee, said.

With the election of the new members, the chance to reach an agreement with Hamas seems bigger than before, analysts added.

Many believe the US, the main sponsor of the peace talks, has actively supported the Fatah congress for many reasons including making sure that Hamas is not the only option, and to smooth the peace path. The US has blacklisted Hamas, and has rejected dealings with it.

“Yes,” responded Al Masri when asked about what many Palestinians said of Washington’s support to the Fatah Congress.

“The first question [US President Barack] Obama asked Abbas when they met late May was ‘what about the Fatah congress?’. Their discussions about it lasted for 20 minutes.”

via Gulfnews: Change of guard for Fatah.


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