The trap of regional peace – Haaretz – Israel News

In the Middle Eastern supermarket, it turns out, there is no escaping the need for a boutique policy – a micro-policy designed on the basis of the needs of two to three clients, and is not appropriate for the entire region. This is necessary though it sometimes seems a micro-policy contradicts the overall vision.

via The trap of regional peace – Haaretz – Israel News.

The behavior of the Obama administration so far suggests that U.S. policy seeks to achieve everything: regional and world peace, local peace, a balance that will link the freezing of settlement construction and the dismantling of the nuclear facilities at Natanz. This is an exciting vision, but it is not a strategy.

This is also the necessary lesson for anyone waving the banner of regional peace. As a vision, a dream or a song theme, it is flawless; however, when it becomes a precondition, yet another stage in the road map, demanding first normalization with the Arabs and then negotiations with the Palestinians, it is revealed as a booby trap, just waiting to destroy any initiative.


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