Bibi the sincere, or Bibi the cynic – Haaretz – Israel News

Bibi may be making problems to win time, but he’ll have to stop one day, and there won’t be a happy ending. If he agrees to the principle of two states for two peoples, with all the territorial concessions and settlement evacuations, he’ll have no government. If he doesn’t, he’ll have an solidly right-wing government, and even the danger of a new war.

via Bibi the sincere, or Bibi the cynic – Haaretz – Israel News.

Judging by special envoy George Mitchell’s activities and messages from the State Department, an American proposal will be forthcoming at the end of next month, a proposal that will be hard to reject.

Whether we like it or not, Bibi and Barak cannot forget that reconciliation with the Islamic world is high on Obama’s wish list and that they must not reach a point where Israel, without permanent and recognized borders and facing the menace of becoming a state of all its citizens, has not come up with at least the removal of illegal outposts, a freeze on settlement construction, and renewal of talks with the Palestinians.


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