Haaretz probe: ‘New’ settlement permits aren’t really new – Haaretz – Israel News

Haaretz checked and discovered that these permits, are no more than another layer of permits on top of those already given, but that had not gone through for various reasons. In some places work was already underway. Haaretz has also learned that all construction permits were given on condition that the buildings go up within two months, or the permit will be rescinded.

In the Jordan Valley settlement of Maskiot, founded as a Nahal outpost by the Israel Defense Forces, Barak announced 20 new homes would be built. But work has been going on there since July 2008, when the construction of the 20 units was first approved. Yesterday he gave final approval, which means the houses can actually be put up.

The head of the Jordan Valley Regional Council, David Alhiani, said yesterday: “The fact is, these apartments were approved last year, otherwise we wouldn’t have begun the infrastructure. How apartments that have already been approved and have begun to be built are approved again, you should ask the defense minister, not me.”

this is the first time since the establishment of the Netanyahu government that construction has been unfrozen. The source added that over the past six months only a few permits have been given, and even the present ones are to complete ongoing projects and to approve tenders discussed in the past.

via Haaretz probe: ‘New’ settlement permits aren’t really new – Haaretz – Israel News.


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