IDF general: Israel incapable of West Bank pullout – Haaretz – Israel News

Maj. Gen (res.) Giora Eiland, is convinced that Israel is incapable of evacuating settlements on the West Bank.

In his testimony before the state commission of inquiry on the handling of the Gush Katif evacuees, Eiland said: “On the level of the state, is the state capable, yes or no, of taking steps which are certainly politically controversial – the answer is certainly not. We are a neutralized country. What, that isn’t clear?”

The prime minister needs cooperation, he explained, and no one is interested in cooperating. Even if a minister is from the prime minister’s party, they usually want to replace him. It is impossible to run a country this way and the cabinet is not capable of implementing large, national projects,” he said, accusing the bureaucracy of taking over the system. He also voiced criticism of the over-legalization of Israel.

“Israel is like a man walking in the dark. He has a flashlight, but it is off and doesn’t light the way in front of him. When he hits a rock and falls to the ground and his nose is in the mud, he says: ‘How do we get out of this?’ That he’s not so bad at doing. But to use the flashlight to light the way so he can see the rock, that he doesn’t know how to do,” said Eiland.

via IDF general: Israel incapable of West Bank pullout – Haaretz – Israel News.


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