Beyond the border of peace – Haaretz – Israel News

a travel advisory has been issued urging Israelis to leave Sinai at once and refrain from visiting the area. This is a routine occurrence. Since the second intifada, just before every holiday season, the anti-terror office communicates a warning.

It seems the real danger in Sinai is that the State of Israel will emerge as a sucker. We’re angry at the Egyptians because, even though we gave back the entire Sinai, they did not become our best friends. We do not factor in their efforts in mediating between us and the Palestinians, nor do we put much faith in the security efforts they make in safeguarding our tourists in Sinai.

Israel arrogantly believes it is giving more than it is receiving in its relationship with Egypt. Thus it has no problem in placing a distance between its citizens and Egypt.

Driven by fear of being played for suckers, we are losing a direct link that contributes to building mutual ties and warmer relations. We are squandering another reason why they would want to remain on good terms with us. Most of all, we are losing a tourist site more magnificent, comfortable and wondrous than anything Turkey has to offer, not to mention cheaper.

This is not irreversible. Israel can begin conducting normalized relations with Egypt.

via Beyond the border of peace – Haaretz – Israel News.


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