Beilin: We need to talk about ‘the really hard things’ | Israel | Jerusalem Post

While the Geneva Initiative is often referenced by diplomats, it has no official standing.

On Tuesday, Beilin and Geneva Initiative Israel director-general Gadi Baltiansky announced the publication of a much more detailed version covering 13 topics, such was Jerusalem, refugees, security, water and the Palestinian economy.

“If you want to resolve the conflict, here is the recipe,” Baltiansky said as he held up a 400-page book that details the new and old aspects of the plan.

He and Beilin presented that book to President Shimon Peres on Tuesday evening. A copy has been sent to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and it will also be dispatched to other senior officials of the Middle East Quartet as well as leading politicians in Europe.

200,000 West Bank settlers could remain in their homes. Israel would retain most of the large settlements blocs, but not Ariel.

Jerusalem would be divided and border terminals would need to be built in the city. A major Jerusalem thoroughfare would stretch between the two states, with a wall in the middle.

The plan calls for a Palestinian state with no army, but with a strong security force. An international force, posted on the Temple Mount, would mediate between the two sides and protect the Palestinian state.

The plan calls for a transportation corridor linking Palestinian areas of the West Bank with the Gaza Strip.

Shared water resources would be redistributed. Both sides would have to commit to improving the environment and to righting past injustices in that arena.

A solution to the refugee issue is still being worked on.

via Beilin: We need to talk about ‘the really hard things’ | Israel | Jerusalem Post.


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