Peres: UN Gaza report makes mockery of history – Haaretz – Israel News

“The report in practice grants legitimacy to terrorism, premeditated shooting and killing while ignoring the duty and the right of a state to defend itself, something which is explicitly stated in the UN charter,” Peres said.

“The Hamas terror organization is the one that launched the war, and it also committed other horrific crimes,” the president said. “IDF operations are what brought about economic prosperity in the West Bank, liberated Lebanon from the wrath of Hezbollah, and enabled Gaza residents to return to their daily routines.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said the findings of the UN report were predetermined, Israel Radio reported on Wednesday.

Ayalon said that Israel’s cooperation with Goldstone would not have altered “one word” of the report. On the contrary, it would have “legitimized” the findings, Ayalon told Israel Radio.

Ayalon said the report “is a cynical attempt at role reversal in blaming Israel for war crimes instead of terrorist organizations.” He added that Israel would work to enlist the support of Western democracies in a campaign “to prevent turning international law into a circus.”

via Peres: UN Gaza report makes mockery of history – Haaretz – Israel News.


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