Suckers, get off your high horses! – Haaretz – Israel News

[Natanyahu] said that he would not agree to talks whose results were determined in advance. How does this macho condition jibe with the conditions he himself is presenting, according to which a Palestinian state that would be established must be demilitarized and recognize Israel as a “Jewish state?” The idea that he alone can specify conditions and stipulate limitations, and that the Palestinians must agree and carry them out, is unfounded.

we are beginning to understand Ben-Gurion’s proposal made three days after the conclusion of the Six-Day War – to return all the territories and reach an agreement over Jerusalem and the north of the country.

The difference between Obama and his predecessor is that Obama wants an all-encompassing peace and a Palestinian state. The idea that Bibi can bluff the Americans is foolish. There is no possibility that we would get aid from the Americans while, on the other hand, not paying attention to what they expect of us. Obama is not opposed to Israel, but he is against being misled by us.

via Suckers, get off your high horses! – Haaretz – Israel News.


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