Save our spirit – Haaretz – Israel News

at one stage or another demography is going to win the war. The world’s populations are a mixture of races and nationalities living in an era of easy movement from one country to another, and of the media bringing about a global unification of concepts, values and tastes. This is a natural process that can only be expected to affect Israel too,

The humanities are what determine the collective identity: history, literature, bible, philosophy, the arts and the Hebrew language, with all its layers and changes.

National uniqueness and identity are determined first and foremost by the collective memory – a vast repository of experiences of shared destiny, centuries of thought, customs, texts that document lives, and generations of creation in the Hebrew language. It is a glorious, multicolored mosaic, which if used throughout the educational system as the foundation for building identity w ill become a reservoir of national strength that cannot be overcome by demographic changes.

via Save our spirit – Haaretz – Israel News.


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