Netanyahu, stop being afraid and sowing fear – Haaretz – Israel News

Level-headed politicians seek to calm the public. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is doing everything in order to frighten it. This can be explained in one of two ways: Either this is a cynical, calculated ploy by a man who believes scaremongering is a good way to stay in power, much like the strategy used by insurance companies, which would only be a minor worry; or this is simply the product of the Zeitgeist – which would then be cause for concern about the judgment of an individual motivated by fear. Such a person is destined to take desperate measures.

If in Jerusalem sits a leader whose hallucinations bring him to believe that the state is facing an existential threat, this is a recipe for disaster.

Rather than talk to us about anti-Semitism, hatred of Israel and the imaginary threat to its existence, he could have taken confidence-building steps that would alter the picture. He could have established a committee of inquiry to probe Operation Cast Lead, offered bold initiatives to promote human rights in the territories while pledging to completely freeze settlement construction without any bargaining involved. It is all in our hands.

via Netanyahu, stop being afraid and sowing fear – Haaretz – Israel News.


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