The discovery of no-tomorrow – Haaretz – Israel News

Polls, which show increasing support for the right-wing camp, lead one to conclude that the Palestinian problem is not the public’s chief worry nowadays simply because it’s not being expressed violently right now. The moment the Palestinians revert to using violence, they’ll also return to the top of the Israeli agenda.

Israeli public opinion and the Israeli leadership paradoxically tend to support far-reaching, even panicky, concessions precisely when violence rages on the various fronts, as happened at the height of the terror attacks in the Sharon era. We tend to toughen our stand and turn to the right when there is no urgent need or clear and present emergency demanding a change in the status quo.

Netanyahu also knows only too well that time is not on our side – but how nice it is when we seem to have managed to stop it! At that suspended moment, the public is happy

via The discovery of no-tomorrow – Haaretz – Israel News.


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