Obama closing in on us – Israel Opinion, Ynetnews

The Americans, who love symbols and ceremonies, were not impressed or scared off by the laud applause Netanyahu received at the AIPAC Conference. It may have worked the other way around: The laud cheers may have encouraged White House officials to show the Israeli delegation and its US supporters who’s the boss in America.

Netanyahu too needs to do some thinking. Ever since he came to power via real democratic elections, and ever since he formed an impossible government, the State of Israel’s global status has been deteriorating to the point of genuine danger.

he most terrible thing is the de-legitimatization campaign conducted against the State of Israel across the world.

Almost all of us, and almost all our governments thought that we can get smart with the Americans, who never (and I mean never) recognized our control of the territories, never recognized the borders beyond the 1967 lines, and never recognized a united Jerusalem.


We thought we can get along with friends through winks. Yet they warned us; oh, did they ever warn us. Now, Obama is presenting us with the bill of all American administrations.

Obama is exaggerating, conducting himself too harshly, and insulting us – yet we’re no angels either. Besides, Obama is allowed to do it. He’s America. How many times this week did you hear and read that joke about the eight-ton elephant that can sit down anywhere it wishes? Well, Obama sat down on us this week.

via Obama closing in on us – Israel Opinion, Ynetnews.


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