What would happen if Israel stopped fighting the world? – Haaretz – Israel News

We are all surrounded by a phalanx of fear agents and dread brokers, suspicion marketers and anxiety propagandists. An army of generals and analysts, politicians and security specialists, all mobilized for one purpose – to infuse our life with terror.

It’s time to free ourselves of their yoke. It’s not that there aren’t any dangers, or that we don’t need warning or security apparatuses, but they must not be the only influences. The voice of thunder from Jerusalem, willfully blown up and exaggerated, is the only voice we hear, without a trace of an alternative – a voice of normality, sanity, optimism and hope.

Auschwitz is on the doorstep all the time, and everything is terribly dangerous.

There is nobody in Israel to tell us what will happen if we stop fighting with the rest of the world. Everyone is analyzing only the dangers and risks. You’ll never hear anyone analyzing the chances and opportunities. Nobody is talking about a possible utopia – of being integrated into the space around us and being accepted by the world, of traveling by car to Europe, of enjoying the prosperity and security that ending the occupation would bring. The voices we hear tell us none of that. It might infuse people with hope, and that is dangerous.

Now the first crack has opened in the intimidation wall – a 36 percent increase in the number of travelers to Sinai. It seems like a small matter, but perhaps it will lead to opening additional daring cracks.

via What would happen if Israel stopped fighting the world? – Haaretz – Israel News.


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