The Holocaust question – Israel Opinion, Ynetnews

Every Israeli with a hint of historical memory and who doesn’t have it? knows that our existence is fragile. Our homes, malls, and the roads we paved – all the asphalt and steel monsters that are supposed to represent unshakeable continuity – are merely a thin camouflage net placed over constant anxiety in the face of the people who wish to kill us. If we let go for a moment of the notion of survival, the new Nazis will rise – and it doesn’t matter whether they don keffiyahs or Wermacht helments – and try to kill us. We also learned that we must not count on the world to protect us. It will be deeply shaken to the core of its delicate soul, of course, and may even set up an orphanage for our children on the outskirts of Brussels, but we better not expect much more than that. This is the reason, by the way, why the average Israeli is overcome by justified fury when he encounters the New Left’s intellectuals, who pretend that Israel is part of the enlightened Europe and that for the sake of the human rights discourse we must concede to the oppressed masses, whose only sin is their desire to kill us. “Auschwitz cannot be an excuse for everything,” they keep telling us. However, Auschwitz is not the excuse, but rather, a tangible and still-relevant reason, backed up by millions of corpses.

via The Holocaust question – Israel Opinion, Ynetnews.


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