Putting Jerusalem on hold – Israel Opinion, Ynetnews

There is almost no Jewish construction in the Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond the Green Line. Twenty homes in the Ramot neighborhood, 10 homes in Pisgat Ze’ev, and nothing else. The construction market in east Jerusalem is under full Arab ownership.

Only Arabs allowed to build

Our hardworking neighbors are building foundations over there without the High Court’s approval but with B’Tselem’s support. On occasion, private Jewish individuals purchase a building or two, and immediately provoke great leftist outrage. The government neither buys nor builds.

The permits granted by the regional committee during VP Biden’s visit were no more than a non-binding signature. Similarly, the approval granted to more construction in the Gilo neighborhood was quite preliminary – a first and hesitant bureaucratic step on an endless road. Netanyahu and his spokesmen swore that no bulldozer will be hitting the ground tomorrow, and on this front they spoke the truth. The Netanyahu government and construction in Jerusalem are two separate entities.

via Putting Jerusalem on hold – Israel Opinion, Ynetnews.


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