Good for the Jews – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

JCall encroached on sacred territory. Its very existence challenges the role assumed by the European Jewish umbrella organizations as the only legitimate political voice of Continental Jewry. If successful, like its American counterpart, which has attracted about 150,000 members in its first two years, it might allow for more than one voice to represent European Jewry, and thus threaten their hegemony.

Ottolenghi suggested that JCall’s opponents resent the fact that the signatories’ “pledged love for Israel is overshadowed by the blame they squarely lay at Israel’s doorstep.” There might be another answer. As Prasquier told me: “JCall, with the prominence of its signatories, might actually create enormous confusion and divisions within French Jewry and this is not good.”

What the angry and entrenched leaders refuse to recognize is that the battle has already been lost. The fact is, most European Jews do not identify with the current Jewish institutions and are uneasy with their subservient, automatic support of Israeli policies.

a real earthquake has taken place in the European Jewish arena. A new voice has been born, and this can only be good for us.

via Good for the Jews – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.


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