Amos Oz: Israel is turning into pariah

“We’re putting ourselves under international siege, which is much more dangerous to us than the blockade of Gaza is to Gazans,” author Amos Oz told “IDF Radio” (Galei Zahal) today.

Oz added, “Israel is turning into Apartheid-era South Africa, a country that the nations of the world do not want among their ranks, do not want to visit, which was thrown out of international organizations and conferences. We will become an accursed country that no one wants to have any ties with.”

Oz said that there was no reason not to let the flotilla reach Gaza. “If the ship was carrying missiles or munitions, I would understand the reason to stop it. We’ve intercepted such ships in the past. But our intelligence knew that these ships carried no heavy arms. Weapons enter Gaza through the tunnels from Sinai, not by ship. So why did we use force?”

via Amos Oz: Israel is turning into pariah.


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