Rattling the Cage: Dodo birds vs. Hamas

We’re looking at a line of “freedom flotillas” as far as the eye can see, and each one is going to do wonders for Hamas’s cause – in the West Bank and east Jerusalem as well as Gaza.

Meanwhile, we’re leaving Abbas and Fayyad with a handful of nothing.

Our prime minister tells them, “Come on and negotiate,” yet the “Palestinian state” he offers them comes with so many restrictions that it’s actually no more than local autonomy with a flag. He goes back on a decade of territorial offers, from Ehud Barak’s to Ehud Olmert’s, then pretends to wonder why Abbas doesn’t jump at the chance to talk peace.

ISRAEL HAS never faced Palestinian leaders even remotely as moderate, as businesslike, as demonstratively anti-terrorism as Abbas and Fayyad.

The alternative to them is Hamas.

And by offering Abbas and Fayyad nothing, Israel is helping Hamas win.

via Rattling the Cage: Dodo birds vs. Hamas.


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