No war this summer – Israel Opinion, Ynetnews

we must take into account the fact that along with their military buildup they utilize a strategy of psychological terror. Meanwhile, we enjoy feeding our existential fears with new threats.

Israel talks of a future existential threat from Iran’s direction, yet it is in fact Israel which has been posing an existential threat for a long time now to its enemies, and these capabilities keep rising.

None of the “security-related” headlines of recent weeks – the crisis with Turkey, the flotilla incident, the lifting of the blockade, Gilad Shalit – foretell a war in the summer. While being big and loud, they do not truly pertain to the existential threats faced by Israel. All of them have to do with the “other war,” the one eroding Israel’s global legitimacy and Israeli society’s strength. This war, which we are losing for now, will continue in full force in summer.

via No war this summer – Israel Opinion, Ynetnews.


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