Israel’s right needs perpetual war – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Israel needs both an external and an internal enemy, a constant sense of emergency – because peace, whether with the Palestinians in the territories or the Palestinians in Israel, is liable to weaken it to the point of existential danger.

Negotiations on partitioning the land are an existential danger because they recognize the Palestinians’ equal rights, and thereby undermine the Jews’ unique status in Eretz Israel. Therefore, in order to prepare hearts and minds for exclusive Jewish control of the population of the entire land, it is necessary to cling to the principle that what really matters in the lives of human beings is not what unites them, but rather what separates them. And what separates people more than history and religion?

religion plays a decisive role in crystallizing national solidarity and preserving society’s strength.

Religion is perceived, of course, as a system of social control without metaphysical content. Therefore, people who hate religion and its moral content can dwell contentedly alongside people like Neeman, who hopes one day to impose rabbinic law on Israel. From their perspective, the role of religion is to impose Jewish uniqueness and push universal principles beyond the pale of national existence.

In this way, discrimination and ethnic and religious inequality have become the norm here, and the process of Israel’s delegitimization has ratcheted up a level. And all of this is the work of Jewish hands.

via Israel’s right needs perpetual war – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.


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