Passover is our original Independence Day – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

It seems that we are at the threshold of an era in which the defining question will be, “Can the Jewish people survive without an enemy from without?” We may be one historic moment away from finding ourselves in a unique place in our history, one in which the overwhelming majority of the Jewish people is beyond the reach of an existential threat.

The advent of peace could possibly usher in our successful return to world history as active players, just as Zionism wished. Do we have the tools to continue our existence as a nation and a culture equipped with full sovereignty, blessed with peace, endowed with global acceptance, and championing welfare and equality? Can we continue to exist without a perennial adversary, without being victims of persecution and pogroms, without a pharaoh?

One possible answer is no. In that case, the Jewish people will not continue to exist. It will assimilate among other nations as befitting our multicultural, contemporary reality.

The other option is seclusion and the building of even higher walls to separate the Jewish people from the rest of the world, all the while creating perpetual conflicts that will repeatedly prove that “the entire world is against us.”

via Passover is our original Independence Day – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.


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