Weak Obama bad for Israel – Israel Opinion, Ynetnews

the State of Israel’s power in this world, in the past and at present, stems from its position as the 51st US state, a satellite and protectorate, even without an official defense pact. Any world leader who has something to say about the State of Israel first glances in Washington’s direction, in a bid to gauge the great America’s response. China’s president admired Israel in light of the American attitude, even though his conduct contradicted his own country’s interests. A wounded American president means, for us, a weakened global status for Israel among the family of nations. Hints from Washington about “hitting the Jews and thereby saving America” may be fateful for Jerusalem. We tend to put our trust in US Jews; they will save us from any harm. Yet those who feel that way should realize that the power exerted by the Jewish lobby in Washington is smaller than it used to be. What’s worse, many US Jews, too many, are becoming detached from Israel. They’ve grown tired of us. Indeed, for us, with the exception of a defeated, humiliated president, this is the most urgent problem.

via Weak Obama bad for Israel – Israel Opinion, Ynetnews.


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