Hopeful night for leftists – Israel Opinion, Ynetnews

Tens of thousands of Israelis arrived at the rally Saturday night, and the question that emerged from the crowded square was as follows: Did these tens of thousands of people arrive in order to remember and remind others of a prime minister and defense minister who was killed on the job?


Or rather, did the very difficult diplomatic situation faced by the State of Israel at this time, along with yet another missed opportunity expected in the peace process with the Palestinians, prompt the people to head to the Square Saturday night to cry together, remember together, long together, and together aspire for better days to come?


If this annual event is the bond that brings together the leftist camp in Israel, then the number of people who arrived last night must encourage any potential leftist leader: He or she have someone to count on.

via Hopeful night for leftists – Israel Opinion, Ynetnews.


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