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Most of the construction today is taking place in the settlements that are more isolated, further deep in the West Bank and more ideological. The reason for the rise in the construction in the more isolated settlements as opposed to the bigger settlements that are closer to Israel is mainly because the Government of Israel has not approved many new projects in the last few years. In the bigger, closer to Israel settlements the construction is mainly initiated by the government and most of the construction must be approved by the Minister of Defense before it can start. As far as Peace Now knows, the Netanyahu government approved the construction of some 630 housing units (another 1,500 units were approved by Minister Barak during the year 2008 before the Netanyahu government was established). Most of those units are currently under construction and there are not too many units left in the already approved projects.

However, in most of the isolated settlements, the settlers do not need another approval by the government, and they can build thousands (approx. 13,000) of units based on old approvals given in the past. Most of the construction we see today is based on very old approvals

via Peace Now : Settlements > Reports.


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