Post-freeze: Settlers build with frenzy – Israel News, Ynetnews

A report issued by Peace Now claims that since the end of the freeze the construction of 1,649 housing units has begun, of which 1,126 units have had their foundations laid.


The group claims that the settlers have almost closed the gap created by the freeze during the past six weeks. The settlers, however reject the data presented in the report. “The report is just bizarre,” Yesha Council chairman Danny Dayan said. “I regret to say that data on the ground are significantly lower than in the report. Its aim was political and therefore its data has been inflated. ”


Meanwhile, leaders of the settlement blocs are not particularly concerened with a renewed moratorium, claiming it was never truly lifted. “The show of innocence has to end. A freeze exited long before the official moratorium,” Alfei Menashe Regional Council head Hesdai Eliezer said. “Any construction in the settlement blocs, regardless of the freeze, requires the approval of the defense minister, and it has been suspended for a long time.”

via Post-freeze: Settlers build with frenzy – Israel News, Ynetnews.


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