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To a large degree, decision makers in Israel and most of the public are unwilling to recognize the revolution in the West Bank over the past three years. It’s much easier to stick to old slogans like “the Arabs can’t be trusted” or “there is no one and nothing to talk about” than admit that the PA has done the impossible and created a security situation in the West Bank the residents of Lod, Netanya and other Israel cities can only be envious about.The PA is engaged in a total war with Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Law and order is being restored in the cities’ streets. Economic growth is evident everywhere, even in areas where there is great poverty. The Palestinians, according to a recent poll, are interested in the economy a lot more than the occupation or the settlements.

many voices in the PA are pleased with Israel’s prime minister and his policies. A Palestinian journalist who lives in the West Bank explained not long ago that in view of the enormous international support for the Palestinians caused by Israel’s policies, he plans to put up in his office a photograph of his new hero, Benjamin Netanyahu, next to his old hero, Arafat.

In Algiers 22 years and a day ago, Arafat declared the establishment of the Palestinian state. According to some of Netanyahu’s “supporters” in the PA, if Netanyahu continues with his “nay” policy, he will cause the declaration to be carried out.

via MESS Report-Israel News – Haaretz Israeli News source..


One Response to MESS Report-Israel News – Haaretz Israeli News source.

  1. koolwoman says:

    I hope Mr Netanyahu pays heed.

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