Two States of Being –

OZ: There’s an urgent need for an emotional momentum, for an emotional breakthrough. The conflict is not mainly a real-estate conflict, and it’s certainly not mainly a religious conflict. It’s a conflict of emotions, of hurt feelings, of mistrust and insult and pain and humiliation and fear — on both sides. It is tremendously important to create a change. I think of that wonderful example President Sadat set 30-something years ago when he came to Israel, and overnight the Israelis melted. Those Israelis who before the visit said they would never give back the whole of Sinai, that Sinai was more important than peace, melted like butter and were willing to hug Sadat and embrace him and give back every last inch of Sinai in return for peace.Something similar is necessary on both sides today. Some emotional gesture, some recognition of the injustices, some recognition of the suffering of the past. I think an Israeli leader should take the initiative because the Palestinians are under Israeli occupation

NUSSEIBEH: What you have to part with is some emotional tie, some beliefs. That’s very painful. Yet I don’t think it’s a major issue, to tell you the truth. It’s totally senseless for the Palestinians and Israelis to be in this situation, creating pain for each other. It’s endless and useless and pointless. If the world would step in and say we’re prepared to help set up a new vision for you, I think that the tie can be broken with the beliefs and the past, and people can go fully into the future.

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