No Holds Barred: What? Me, insecure?

It’s simply not news that Jews often seek non-Jewish legitimacy. Which is why, even as an Orthodox Jew, I believe passionately that Jewish pride is more important than Jewish observance. Jewish self-esteem is the body within which the soul of Jewish observance must reside.

At Oxford, one student who had become religious balked at wearing a yarmulke around his friends. I told him: “I don’t care if you drive on the Sabbath or eat sweet-and-sour pork. Just do so with a yarmulke.”

A prouder, less insecure generation of Jews is replacing us. They walk with yarmulkes held high and tzitzit waving. They fight for Israel on campus, even when marginalized for doing so.

via No Holds Barred: What? Me, insecure?.


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