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Israel’s conduct in Judea and Samaria on the one hand and the growing extremism and intolerance in Israeli society on the other are liable to erode Israel’s image as a democracy in the eyes of the American public.

The Iranian nuclear issue, too, beyond the level of official declarations, also reveals disagreements between Israel and the United States, stemming from their different geographical locations and balance of interests. Unlike Israel, the United States does not view Iran as an existential threat, and clearly this impacts attitudes on how to resolve the crisis.

as a nation lacking alternatives in terms of strategic alliances, Israel must do its utmost to preserve the support of the United States, its only ally. Conduct that assumes symmetry in the relations, as well as some sort of determinism in terms of American support for Israel, jeopardizes this special relationship. It is imperative that Israel’s leaders make every effort to maintain the relations, which, given the environment of change the United States is facing in the coming decades, cannot be taken for granted.

via INSS – המכון למחקרי ביטחון לאומי >  Publications  >  Periodicals.


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