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The BBC World Service Country Rating Poll has been tracking opinions about country influence in the world since 2005. The latest results are based on 28,619 in-home or telephone interviews conducted across a total of 27 countries by the international polling firm GlobeScan, together with the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) at the University of Maryland. GlobeScan coordinated fieldwork between December 2, 2010 and February 4, 2011.

I would now like to ask your impressions of some specific countries.
M1A Please tell me if you think each of the following countries is having a mainly positive or mainly negative influence in the world:

Evaluations of Israel’s influence in the world are still broadly unfavourable. However, unlike countries that have seen their negative views worsen, Israel has seen a very slight improvement. On average among the 25 tracking countries, positive views are up by two per cent, while negative views remain the same as in 2010. Forty-nine per cent give Israel an unfavourable evaluation, and 21 per cent give it a favourable one. Out of 27 countries polled in 2011, 22 lean negative, two lean positive, and three are divided.

Perhaps the most interesting shift is the change in American opinion, as the US public is now divided rather than favourable in its rating. While positive ratings have remained quite stable since 2010 (43%), negative ratings are up by ten points (41%).

05_03_11_bbcws_country_poll.pdf (application/pdf Object).


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